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Confiture de L'espace

By: Lauren Goodwin

Test your astrology skills with this galactic crossword puzzle.

1 2
9               10        
  14     15          
16               17

4.Our galaxy. (2 Words)
6.The path one object takes around another.
7.A cloud of gas and dust.
8.A fixed luminous point in the night sky that is a large, remote incandescent body.
9.A grouping of stars which have been given names by ancient astronomers because of the way they look.
12.Celestial body orbiting a planet.
13.A rock, or Minor Planet orbiting the Sun.
14.A region of space around a very small and extremely massive object within which the gravitational field is so strong that not even light can escape. (2 Words)
16.A group of stars, gas and dust held together by gravity.
18.When our view of one object in the sky is blocked by either another object or the Earth's shadow.
1.Was formally stripped of its title 'planet' in 2006.
2.A measurement of temperature often used in astronomy. 0 degrees Kelvin equals -459.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
3.A small object orbiting a larger one. There are many electronic objects that orbit the Earth.
4.A shooting star, observed when a particle of dust enters into the Earth's atmosphere.
5.Dark patches on the Sun's surface. (2 Words)
9.The study of the universe.
10.The gaseous area surrounding a planet or other body.
11.A star which suddenly flares up to many times its original brightness before fading again.
15.A group or stars or galaxies which are held together by their common gravity.
17.A small, frozen mass of dust and gas revolving around the sun.

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