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ATAA Assessment


An assessment designed to test particpants short term memory from a one hour session. The puzzle will also act as a way of showing participants of an activity that would suit a formative assessment role.

1 2 3
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14 15                    

4.What PowerPoint slides must be
7.Any activity must ______ to the course content
9.Use this and you'll become one after the activity
10.A worthwhile association to be part of
12.L&C doesn't --- the content, the business functions do
14.What instructors should be
16.These should be used, but quite often are ignored
17.How many topics did you see in during this session?
1.A must to get the best from an activity
2.Best way to keep the class interested
3.The hardest part to write for a course
5.Kids toy to help build knowledge
6.A good one is important for an activity
8.Use this application sparingly
11.What you must do during group activities
13.A way to separate class into groups
15.Everyone must go through one eventually

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