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What is Justice?

Marcia Bedard

1 2 3 4
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6.Scientific study of the causes and prevention of crime and the rehabilitation and punishment of offenders
7.Perspective on the study of criminal justice that assumes that the system's subcomponents work together harmoniously to achieve the social product we call justice
8.Grandjury returns an __________________
11.Legal basis for an apprehension by police
15.Advocate that seeks to protect personal freedoms within the criminal justice system
17.Money or property pledged to the court to effect the release of a person from legal custody
18.Ideal that embraces all aspects of civilized life and that is linked to fundamental and to cultural beliefs about right and wrong
19.Principle of fairness
1.When a law enforcement official records an entry into detention after arrest
2.Also called the preliminary examination
3.Model which assumes the criminal justice system's subcomponents function primarily to serve their own interests.
4.Type of sentence that runs at the same time
5.Word usually used in conjunction with diversity
9.Type of advocate that stresses the interests of society
10.First appearance of the defendant before the court that has the authority to conduct a trial
12.Type of sentence whereby offenders are ardered to serve one sentence after another
13.Scientific study of crime victims and the victimization process
14.Constitutional requirement of fairness and equity
16.Federal law enacted in response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9/11/2001

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