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2011 ESOP Month

ESOP Committee

Complete the following ESOP related crossword puzzle. Return the completed puzzle to anyone on the ESOP Committee (Amy Jo, Brianna, Jon Ogren, Lori, Mike Rose or Tim) by 4 pm on Friday October 14th. All correct entries will be put into a drawing for a prize worth $25! Have fun and Good Luck!!

1     2           3
  4           5  

1.Learning never stops.
4.Collaboration of co-workers to reach our business and customer care goals.
6.Manager of ESOP assets on behalf of the shareholders.
7.This means providing our customers with the best workmanship, products and serive.
8.Spreading investments to other accounts and or other investment devices.
9.Distributing company contributions and other assets amoung the plan participants.
11.401k, Roth, ESOP are all ___________ accounts.
13.Finding these helps our bottom line, inturn helping our stock price grow.
14.The act of determining the value of company stock.
2.We are a _____________ _____________ company.
3.Stiving to be the best company to work with today and in the future.
5.It is important to show our customers and co-workers the __________ they deserve.
10.Providing sincere and open communication, being honest and ethical, thereby gaining the trust of our customers.
12.Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

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