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Global Palace Sports Camp Review 1

2 3        
5 6                  
  9         10        
    11 12 13      
15                   16             17
  18 19        
20       21                    
22       23              

3.something you use to catch a ball
4.try to hit a ball with a bat
5.something that keeps your wrist safe
9.a pedal you push to stop or slow a car
10.the place where you race go karts
12.try to throw the ball into the net
14.something that keeps your elbow safe
15.the thing behind the net
16.something that keeps your knee safe
19.give the ball to someone on your team
20.the thing you use to turn a car
22.a contest to see who is the fastest
23.when you try to stop the other team from scoring
1.this is when you run around all the bases after one hit
2.the place you run after you hit a ball
6.things with wheels that you skate on
7.there are four of these on a car
8.a pedal you push to make a car go faster
11.a shot very close to the net
13.the place you run to score one "point"
17.bounce the ball
18.something that keeps your head safe
21.what a "point" in baseball is called

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