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Brain Buster

Fill in the crossword puzzle with the given clues. Do not include spaces or punctuation.

1 2 3            
    4 5 6
8     9         10                    
  11               12   13          
16           17
18     19  
20 21                                
  24 25                
  29         30              

2.Conjunctivitis is often seen in persons who abuse this drug.
8.A person who engages in telephone scatalogia would be making these types of phone calls.
10.Imitating movements and gestures of another seen in schizophrenia.
11.Speech pattern of rhyming exhibited in psychosis.
13.Medication used in interview for evaluation of functional muteness.
14.Disorder portrayed in "Rain Man."
15.This personality disorder is characterized by grandiosity lack of empathy and hyper-sensetivity to evaluation.
16.Period of time when dreams and nightmares occur.
21.Severe untreatable complication of antipsychotics seen more frequently in elderly, women, and patients with mood disorders (two words).
22.Treatment of choice for severe depression during pregnancy.
23.Biblical character protrayed as falling into a deep depression and treated with soothing music.
25.Type of hallucinations often found in drug intoxication.
26.Type of hallucination often indicative of brain turmor.
28.Treatable metabolic cause of dementia
29.Type of irreversible dementia occuring mostly in males that is only definitively diagnosed at autopsy.
30.A type of behavior psychotherapy used in treatment of social and simple phioras (Hint: "Bob Barker, Bob Barker").
1.Psychogenic state characterized by amnesia with inability to recall one's past and assumption of a new identity.
3.Patients with Down's Syndrome are at rist for this disease as they age.
4.Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder can be represented by a life-long pattern of _______.
5.Alcohol-induced amnesia is probably related to this chronic defiency.
6.A leader of the French revolution, usually considered to be the father of modern psychiatry.
7.Name of Dr. V's cock-a-poo.
9.Sigmund Freud was an advocate of this CNS stimulant as a potential theraputic agent until it was declared illegal in 1914.
12.Urinary retention is an anticholinergic side effect of this class of drugs.
17.Induced rare psychotic disorder that occurs when a person develops a delusional system while in a relationship with another person who has established delusions seen in pairs of serial killers (three words).
18.Animal cruelty, setting fires, and bedwetting are thought to be "The Serial Killer _______."
19.Syndrome in which abnormalities associated with alcohol teratogonicity include small head, flattening of facial features, low IQ, and behavior problems (two words).
20.Severe OCD may mimic this psychiatric illness.
24.Enlargement of this gland is a medical complication of an eating disorder.
27.Russian physiologist who described the first experiments with conditioning (Hint: bow-wow).

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