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We the People

Marcia Bedard

Let's do a vocabulary review for Chapter 1!You may use your book to help you with this worksheet, remember you have a list of key terms at the begining of each section, and in the reading these terms are in bold print and highlighted in yellow.

1         2         3 4
10           11

1.the organizations, institutions, and individuals who exercise political authoryity over a group of people
5.born in the US
6.a movement of large numbers of people from region to region
7.permanent residents of the US who are citizens of another country
9.people who come here from other countries
10.a specific number
13.the study of the characteristics of human populations
14.the annual number of deaths per 1,000 members of a country's population
2.the legal process by which an alien may become a citizen
3.people who are trying to escape dangers in their home countries
4.study of what it means to be a citizen
8.the annual number of live births per 1,000 members of a country's population
11.legally recognized as a member of a country
12.an official, periodic counting of the population

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