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GT Hydraulics

David Cole

Components within the GE 7FA Hydraulics Module

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6.VAB1-1 and VAB2-1 To ensure rapid pressurization of the system, valves are located downstream of each pump to quickly exhaust any air trapped in the pump discharge lines.
9.AH1-1 ____ is located on the hydraulic oil supply header is a 5 gallon accumulator that stores hydraulic fluid for use in transient conditions (eg valve actuation). The accumulator is in-service regardless of the duty circuit.
10.VR23-2 This valve is located on the hydraulic header to provide relief should the pressure regulating valves (VPR4-3 or VPR4-4) be set incorrectly or fail.
11.CK-1A, CK-1B, CK-2A and CK-2B Each pump discharge circuit contains two _____ to keep oil out of the standby pump circuit. Isolation valves are used to ensure positive isolation of the standby circuit to perform maintenance.
13.FV4A This valve isolates the accumulator from the system should repair or maintenance be necessary with the unit operating. With this valve closed, FV-4B will not drain the hydraulic oil from the system and can not be used as a by-pass valve.
14.FV-2A and FV-2B The ____ is used to isolate one of the two supply circuits. These are located downstream of the filters such that filters can be isolated from the circuit for filter element change-out whilst the unit is operating on the alternate circuit. This provides additional security to the check valve (CK-1A and CK-1B).
15.VPR4-3 and VPR4-4 Each circuit contains a pressure-regulating valve downstream of isolating valve FV-2A and FV-2B, which regulates the oil supply to the hydraulic system at 1625psig.
16.The bearing lift oil solenoid valve
17.VR21-1 and VR22-1 These ____ valves are located upstream of each filter housing to protect against a block filter element.
1.FV4B The ____ valve allows quick de-pressurization and draining of the hydraulic oil header. Alternatively, this valve will drain the accumulator after FV-4A has been used to isolate the accumulator.
2.20QB-1 This ____ controls the supply of lift oil to the turbine. This valve is normally closed (no oil to the bearing lift system) and is electrically operated however a manual over-ride is provided should the coil fail. This valve also indirectly controls which pump compensator (high or low) is in service.
3.These electric AC motors are 60HP premium efficient vertically mounted motors. Motor heaters are provided terminating into a separate terminal box.
4.FV-1A and FV-1B The ____ is used to isolate one of the two supply circuits. These are located upstream of the pump inlets.
5.FH2-1 and FH2-2 Each hydraulic circuit is equipped with a dedicated 3-micron filter. These filters have an integral differential pressure switch to allow remote monitoring of the status.
7.FV-3Aand FV-3B The ____ used to isolate the pump load sense line. The pump will not switch to the high pressure compensated setting when this valve is closed.
8.Pressure compensation/control is achieved by the built-in compensators which control the pump by sensing changes in the downstream pressure caused by the activation or deactivation of bearing lift oil via solenoid valve
12.The pumps (PH1-1 and PH2-1) are constant pressure, variable, positive displacement, axial piston pumps with dual pressure compensator controls.

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