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Unit 2: Vocabulary

Tracy W. Crosby

This puzzle contains word relevant to Unit 2: Overview of the Criminal Justice System.

1 2 3
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4.a law enacted and enforced by local government.
6.12 to 23 person convened in a private session to evaluate the accusssations against a defendant
8.the location in which a trial is held or where the crime has been committed.
9.A trial held with just the judge, defense attorney, prosecutor, and no jury
11.a jail sentence of up to one year
12.a sentence in which the accused, upon conviction, avoids jail time, but has to abide by stipulations.
14.a formal document of the accused's charges.
15.a jaile sentence of over one year or more.
1.the process by which a person's information is obtained and entered into the police database
2.typically operated by a private company and not having arrest powers.
3.One that initiates criminal actions, especially in a court proceeding.
5.when an invidual is brought before a judge and officially given their charges.
7.a geographically or politcally defined area.
10.person who receives and directs calls coming in to 911
13.any incident concerning the release of volatile chemicals, radioactive materials, or bodily fluids

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