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paul c

puzzle for kyoto machiya

1 2
5 6              
  7 8            
10           11 12 13 14

3.display alcove where scroll is hung and seasonal flowers are placed
4.window on second floor, plaster vertical openings good for ventilation
6.stone floor running from entrance to back of house, also contains kitchen area
8.curved bamboo which protects house from people and animals walking by
9.table with area under it for feet, in winter, below the table coal is burned to keep warm
10.entryway, where people take off shoes and step up into the house
16.Japanese flooring mats made of natural rice or grass straw
17.room to invite most important guest, has tokonoma and is next to garden
1.stairs which are also storage place
2.sliding paper doors, usually have design or painting
5.garden inside the house, good for air circulation and water drainage
7.set of shelves next to tokonoma
11.lattice style window in front of machiya
12.sliding doors with wood grid pattern and Japanese paper
13.beautiful carved wood which separates two rooms, between ceiling and sliding doors
14.small statue placed outside of house to protect the house
15.storehouse for valuables, thick walls are good against fire

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