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Defense Against the Dark Arts

PM your across/down answered numbered accordingly to me for extra credit.

1 2            

2.Your worst fear might come true when you see this creature in class
4.This sat on the corner of Lupin's desk the first time Harry came to speak to him
6.The nickname students have given this class
7."Peskipiksi ____________", was the spell Lockhart used against the Cornish Pixies
8.What periodical gave Professor Lockhart his best smile award
9.This half half of the evil Carrow duo took over Defense of the Dark Arts in the 7th year
1.The 5th year squeaky clean Ministry of Magic employed teacher
2.The real name of the imposter sent to teach the trio's 4th year
3.To defeat a creature that poses as your worst fear, you must use this charm
5.What curse did Alastor Moddy used on each student in his class

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