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Why Armericans have Government

Marcia Bedard

Let's review the vocabulary we learned last week! This puzzle will also help you learn this weeks vocabulary. Use your notes and textbook to help you learn these terms.

1 2 3
6 7                            
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5.a person who rules with complete and absolute power, they often take power by force
7.all voters in the community meet in one place to make the laws and decide what actions to take
8.a government controlled by one or more religious who claim to rule on behalf of God or the gods worshipped in their country.
9.a person, such as a king or queen, who reigns over a kingdom or an empire
11.a loose association, rather than a firm union
12.the people elect representavies to carry on the work of government for them
1.plan of government adopted by the Continental Congress in 1777.
2.written plan of government
3.absolute power
4.basic rights that all people are entitled to have
6.means "rule of the people"
10.type of government we have in the US

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