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Star Wars


A crossword about Star Wars

1       2         3 4 5
7                         8  
    12                     13 14
17   18       19                
  20       21      
24                 25                 26  
27           28                  
  29         30 31            
    34             35
38           39 40              
  41                   42   43        
45     46   47 48   49      
    50             51   52              
53                 54      
  55               56                

1.Main planet of the New Republic.
7.Powerful Corellian super-weapon.
9.Moff of the first Star Destroyer.
10.Is married to Han Solo.
11.Place where Lando set-up Han and Leia to be captured.
12.Deadly alien race that invaded the galaxy (two wrds).
15.First Star Wars movie ever made.
16.Obi-Wan Kenboi's master.
17.Frozen ice planet in the Empire Strikes Back.
19.Imperial Remenant leader who is dating Han Solo's daughter.
20.Son of L. Skywalker.
22.Name of the zombie like Star Wars book.
24.The wookie jedi.
25.Planet where the Jedi council of the Old Republic was once held.
27.One of the most known space-ships.
28.The first super-weapon ever created by the Empire.
29.Cluster of black holes.
31.Palpatine's Sith name before he became Emperor.
32.Emperor Palpatine's first apprentice.
34.An ancient evil being bent on taking over the galaxy.
36.Force ability the Emperor uses.
38.Planet where the Death Star shield generator lays.
39.Married to Luke Skywalker (two wrds).
41.Name of the super-weapon Darth Revan sought.
42.The first lord of the Sith.
45.Name of Han Solo's closest human friend.
50.Chewbacca's home planet.
51.Name of Vader's super star destroyer.
53.An old and powerful Jedi.
54.What dark-side users are known as.
55.Dark Lady of the Sith who is bent on destroying Luke Skywalker.
56.Home-world of the Sith.
2.Name of a powerful super-weapon piloted by Kyp Durron.
3.Planet on which Luke made his first Jedi academy.
4.Name of Luke and Leia's mom.
5.Name of the only remaining Solo child.
6.Feared soldiers of the Empire.
8.The color of Luke's second lightsaber.
9.Name of smuggler who Mara Jade worked with.
13.Sith name taken by Jacen Solo.
14.Force blocking creature.
18.Name of the planet where Luke Skywalker grew up.
20.Mandalorian Bounty Hunter.
21.Corellian smuggler.
23.Giant creature into which Boba Fett fell.
25.Creator of the Rule of Two
26.Swamp world where Luke trained.
30.Name of Mara Jade Skywalker's killer.
33.What Luke's father raced as a boy.
35.Planet where the Emperor's storehouse is located.
36.Name of Lando's ship.
37.Saba Sebatyne's species.
40.Name of the fallen Twilek Jedi.
43.The name of the Solo's second son.
44.Home-world of the Gungan's.
46.Former Imperial who is now running the Galagtic Allience.
47.Planet where the Clone soldiers were bred.
48.The most feared Grand Admiral of the Empire after Palpitine's death.
49.Type of species that Allana Solo has for a pet.
52.Native creatures in Return of the Jedi.

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