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poetry terms


A review of key terms from the poetry unit just in time to help you study for the quiz.

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3.four lines of poetry grouped together
6.repetition of the same sound usually at the end of words
8.giving things human qualities
11.comparison using like or as
13.the main message or big idea you get
14.the flow of the words to a beat
15.comparison of two things WITHOUT using like or as
1.the way the lines of poetry are divided
2.the way a poem is written including rhyme, length, rhyme scheme etc
4.when the same word is repeated throughout the poem
5.the pattern of rhyme in a poem for example ABAB
7.two lines of poetry grouped together
9.something that stands for something else
10.poetry that does not rhyme or have a set rhythmn
12.the way a poem is arranged on the paper

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