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#101.09 Chimney Fires

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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2.Good judgment should be used before opening walls and concealed _____ to look for possible fire spread.
5.The building or residence should be laddered by a ____ sector, and inside sectors shall be first, second floor, attic, etc
6.Extinguishment with a line from top of chimney should be used as a last resort due to the possibility of warping or cracking the interior of the chimney _____
7.___ should be extinguished in the fire box with either a Dry Chemical Extinguisher or Pressurized Water Extinguisher
8.Search the home or building and assemble all occupants in one room so that, if conditions change, _____ can take place quickly
10.Immediate evacuation often is not warranted, especially at night under ____ conditions
11.Use a small amount of ____ and allow extinguishment to come from stream conversion
12.All other units shall respond non-emergency unless otherwise directed by _____
1._____ ventilation should be used to clear interior of building or residence
3.The response for _____ fires is first response Engine and Tanker will make an emergency response
4.Before removing materials, place salvage covers around fireplace and form runners to _____
9.All personnel should be in full protective ____ unless advised differently by Command of the Safety Officer.

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