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#101.11 Gas Emergencies

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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1.Establish _____ pressure ventilation, if practical shut off power outside the structure
3.Notify Gas Service Utility if leak is _____
6.Don't _____ on room lights, ring doorbell, or use the telephone
8._____ horizontal ventilation is the proper method to clear a structure
9._____ perimeter should be established, with the apparatus positioned up wind
11.In the sensing operation, natural gas is lighter than air, and is mostly composed of _____
13.All personnel on Gas Emergency alarms will don _____ and should utilize all protective equipment until it’s been determined that an atmosphere is free of gas.
14.CO is an odorless, colorless, lighter than air. Any initial reading of 9 ppm is a potential problem and occupants should be advised that the structure is _____
2.A copy of the CO NOTICE is also to be filed with the fire report and a copy to be left with the _____
4.If an odor is present, utilize SCBA and _____ occupants
5.Any readings _____ than 35 ppm, personnel should utilize SCBA and an immediate evacuation is necessary
7.Avoid creating a spark, use non-sparking _____ in a forced entry operation
10.When a _____ of an occupant is necessary, a charged hose line should be used
12.The flammable _____ of Propane is 2 to 9.5% by volume with air

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