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#101.14 Law Enforcement Assist Calls

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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3.Notification is made to the District by a law enforcement agency requesting _____
5.The ___ enforcement agency should contact the incident commander when they feel that our stand-by is no longer needed and the incident commander will terminate the incident
6.The Operations Chief may need to notify _____ authorities and request appropriate response such as FBI, Military, EPA, FEMA, ATF, and DOE
8.The use of radios, cell phones, and pagers shall be discontinued within 300 foot of the suspected device, on all incidents that are thought to have _____ present
12._____ post should be at a safe distance upwind and uphill of the site
13.The Operations Asst. Chief should _____ with the law enforcement officer in charge and assign any units as needed to the scene from staging
14.Because of the potential for serious injury at such an incident, dispatch should be advised in the initial contact that if we are advised of an injury at the incident scene, we should automatically request an ___ ambulance
15.We will receive the call through normal procedure and should respond with an Operations chief, med unit and ____
1.___ PPE is the required level of protective clothing when working with Haz-Mat or the Bomb Arson Unit (Use of the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook may be used for advice on protective clothing.)
2.If not given a staging location by law enforcement, the Operations Asst. Chief should assign a staging _____ while en-route
4.Units may also _____ for any suspicious packages, vehicles or containers
7.Contact ____ via telephone and provide them with the appropriate information to include the street and a cross street for use if an air ambulance would be needed at the incident
8.Establish a 2500 foot _____ zone around the weapon/device
9.Because dispatch will already know the general location, we should accomplish this by calling them via radio and requesting "____ One, this location".
10.The incident commander will have ____ contact with the law enforcement agency and will assign the appropriate unit(s) to the incident scene as requested
11.Contact the on duty Operations Asst. Chief via telephone and request one engine and one med unit besides themselves to meet at the pre-determined ____ location

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