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Group 1A: Alkali Metals

Andrea Arredondo

Refer to textbook page R6-9.

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3.This is a source of oxygen in submarines. HINT: it is in equation form.
4._______ is a source of Potassium.
6.An ionic ______ is when an alkali metal reacts with halogens.
8.Sodium ________ is a major component of seawater.
12.Alkali metals form ____ with a 1+ charge.
15.Alkali metals have ___ melting points.
16.Potassium ions are the main _______ inside cells.
18.Streetlights glow in part comes from the sealed tubes of sodium-_______ alloy inside the light.
19.Quartz crystal is not used for modern communication and navigation systems because of a lack of ________.
20.The first ionization energy's very low level causes ______ to be used in photocells.
21.Alkali metals have an electron ____________ that ends in ns1.
1.Alkali metals are uncombined naturally because they are ______ reactive.
2.Alkali metals are ____ because they have one valence electron.
4.An alkaline ________ is when an alkaline metal reacts with water.
5.Lithium hydride is an easy source for ________.
7.Alkali metal's atoms are the _______ in their periods.
8.This causes baked goods to rise. HINT: parenthesis are included in spaces provided.
9.Sodium is largely produced by the ____________ of molten sodium chloride
10.This is what potassium superoxide removes from the atmosphere as it produces oxygen. HINT: it is in equation form.
11.Lithium ions most likely have an effect on the ____________ of messages between brain cells.
13.Alkali metals are ______-gray metals.
14.Even when the supply is low, your kidneys still excrete _________. So eat your bananas!
17.Sailors depended on ____ in order to stay fed on their long voyages away from fresh food sources. HINT: it is in equation form.

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