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Labor Day Trivia

Veronica Caine

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  7       8          
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2.What color is retired after Labor Day for shoes pants, purses, etc
4.First US state to formally establish Labor Day
7.Another country that celebrates Labor Day on May 1
8.The country whose citizens work the least hours
9.Each Labor Day, pedestrians get to walk across this famous US suspension bridge normally closed to foot traffic
11.Most people work because they have a fear of this (also known as peniaphobia)
13.The country where people work the most hours, the ___ Republic
14.A word that describes having a phobia about work
16.The US speedway to host a NASCAR Sprint cup race
17.Labor Day is often seen as the end of ______
18.Association of craftsmen of a particular trade
1.Contract between employers and employees forbidding membership in labor unions: _____ Dog
3.First city in the US to celebrate Labor Day
5.Each Labor Day, a telethon is held to raise money for this charity
6.Parades and speeches by these are normal on Labor Day
7.The country that celebrates Labor Day on May 1
9.Widely believed to be the father of Labor Day in America, Peter ______
10.US President who signed a bill making Labor Day a holiday
12.The country with the largest labor force in the world
15.Labor Day is celebrated on the ____ Monday of September in the US and Canada

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