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Found Crossword Puzzle

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Wacky Wednesday Book Club on Sept. 14, 2011

2 3          
4     5      
7         8    
  9             10        
15   16             17      
  18     19      

3.How old was Jonah's sister?
4.Who is the author of this book?
7.Where did JB tell the kids they had to go, back in the?
9.What century did the kids go back to?
11.What did the pet name JB stand for?
12.Who had to go back in time with Jonah, Chip, and Katherine?
14.Did Chip know he was adpoted?
15.Who waas Jonah's sister?
17.Who also helped lead the conference?
18.What was the conference for, kids who werer?
20.What was Jonah's favorite soda?
22.What is the name of the series of this book?
1.What grade were the boys in?
2.What did Jonah think he saw in bathroom at the adoption office?
5.Who did Katherine say she was at the conference?
6.What was the name Angela saw on the plane before it changed?
8.Who leaded the kids on the hike?
10.How many babies were on the plane?
13.Why was one girl not going to be at the conference, she?
16.How many years passed since the secret plane arrived?
19.What did Jonah and Chip think the mysterous letter was?
21.Who found out about the other missing/adopted kids?

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