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The Pigman Chapter 10

Paul Zindel

Review of Chapter 10

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      10   11  

3.What happened to Mr. Pignati at the end of Chapter 10 leading in to 11
4.What did the old lady at Chambers Street say is coming?
6.The name of Mr. Pignati's wife
7.What John and Lorraine made to Mr. Pignati
8.The name of the place where Lorraine's mother and father were at in a picture.
10.How Mr. Pignati looked when he came back from the Zoo?
12.Type of restaurant that Lorraine's Mom brought food home from?
13.The person who could take you across a river
15.What John and Lorraine drunk at Mr. Pignati's house?
16.What it was doing outside of Mr. Pignati's house one day in January
1.This place was and escapist dream according to John?
2.What Mr. Pignati said the monkey at the Zoo was getting?
5.The word Mr. Pignati wrote after he drew a skull
9.One of the things Lorraine would bring to eat at Mr. Pignati's house?
11.What kind of workers did John and Lorraine tell Mr. Pignati they were?
12.What did Mr. Pigmati have made for their anniversay?
14.The name of the monkey at the Zoo?

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