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Kevin Bouchahine

Intermediate crosswoed on Travel

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5     6             7          
      8     9    
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        14 15
16                   17     18    

1.An approval granted by a foreign country for a person to travel into the country on certain conditions
5.Sustainable tourism that aims to minimise the impact of the visitor on the environment
7.The actoin in which you take whilst moving from one palce to another
8.Home to the sport ice-hockey
10.Where planes leave and arrive in a country
11.Home to 50 states
12.The national carrier of Canada (two words)
16.A 16 year old girl that sailed across the whole world
19.A person going away from their home for 24+ hours
21.An essential travel document for overseas travellers
22.A plan for a trip that outlines when, how and where a person will travel
2.A popular European destination
3.Difference between the value of two currencies (two words)
4.The world's biggest island
6.The fattest state in America
7.Bussinesses that organise trips and holidays for you
9.The most populated continent
13.The coldest continent in the world
14.Known as the city of love
15.The world's safest airline
17.Home to the Opera House
18.What planes run off
20.The eternal city

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