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1               2 3
    4               5
  6                   7  
8         9            
11 12      
  13 14     15            
      16         17       18      
          20       21    
23         24             25
          27 28  
  29   30     31         32    
          34 35            
36       37           38            
39               40 41
42   43          
44   45          

1.an inner transition metal that forms the strongest permanent magnet
4.the most abundant element in the universe; lightest element, contains only a single proton
6.transition metal used as catalyst for redox reactions; used in making alloys; a cofactor for a number of enzymes; oxidation numbers 7+, 6+, 4+, 3+, 2+
8.stable transition metal once used for plumbing, symbol comes from Latin name Plumbum
9.2nd most abundant element on the earth’s crust used in solar cells, microprocessor chips
10.G5 element with white and red allotropes; used in fertilizers, explosives, matches, detergents
15.the most abundant of the rare earth metal
16.most abundant element on the earth’s crust; lightweight metal; used in aircraft , cookwares and foil; forms 3+ ion
18.fourth most abundant element and 2nd most abundant metal on earth; used in manufacturing , building materials, and dietary supplements; main component of steel; present in hemoglobin
19.most heaviest and most electropositive, radioactive alkali metal
20.an inert element which produces whitish glow in lights; used in halogen sealed beam headlights
22.shiny transition metal used in electroplating steel; necessary for glucose utilization
24.transition metal used to make alloys for magnets and heat-resistant tools; used to make blue pigments for paints
26.inert gas in group 8A which produces a red glow in lights
30.light transition metal used in making strong lightweight alloys; used as pigment in white paint; used in hip-joint prosthetics
33.the heaviest naturally occurring element, member of the actinide series
35.the lightest element in alkali family; used to power cardiac pacemakers as lithium-iodine battery
36.transition metal used to galvanize iron, forms alloy with copper called brass, used in dry cell batteries
37.first noble gas to form a compound by stripping away electrons; used in photographic lamps; rarest gas in the atmosphere
38.a halogen used as a disinfectant, in photography and as a salt additive that prevents goiter
39.transition metal used to make shock resistant steel and used as catalyst
42.toxic transition metal which is liquid at room temperature; used in thermometers, barometers, electric switches, and paint pigments; alloy with silver that produces dental amalgam
45.transition metal used in cooking utensils, writing, plumbing and electric motors; used in electrical wirings; forms 1+ and 2+ ions
46.highly reactive alkali metal; found in table salt; required by body for proper transmission of nerve impulses
1.transition metal used to make coins, jewelries, batteries and electroplating; forms 2+ and 3+ ions
2.lightweight alkaline earth metal; used in making lightweight alloys; found in antacids
3.an active alkali metal that violently reacts with water; also needed for proper transmission of nerve impulses
5.a metalloid in G3; combines with silicates to form heat-resistant glassware; forms acid used in eyewash
7.shiny, lustrous metal; best conductor of heat and electricity; used in jewelry, ornaments, mirror backing and dental fillings
11.G6 element used as component of sulfuric acid, dehydrating agent in paints and plastic
12.halogen used as a bleaching agent, disinfectant and water purifier; component of table salt
13.transition metal used as catalyst, electronics, lab ware and jewelry
14.most reactive nonmetal of the halogen family; used in nonstick cookware(Teflon) and refrigerants; strongest oxidizing agent; compound added to water to prevent tooth decay
17.most abundant nonreactive element in the earth’s atmosphere; essential in protein formation
21.stable transition metal used in making cans, alloy with copper forming bronze
22.transition metal used to make yellow pigments in paint, electroplating, batteries and as control rods in nuclear reactors
23.the lightest noble gas; used in balloons and airships
25.a massive group II element; used as radioactive tracer in medicine
27.transition metal used in making light bulb filaments and alloys with high density and high melting point
28.the softest and most reactive alkali metal; liquid at room temperature; used in making photocells
29.a radioactive noble gas used in treating cancer; can collect in buildings producing a health hazard; occurrence in groundwater can be used to predict earthquakes
31.noble gas used in welding active metals; denser than air; most abundant noble gas
32.an alkaline earth metal used in making cement; found in pipes and boilers as a result of hardwater; needed in the bones and teeth formation
34.a halogen which is brownish liquid at room temperature; used in medicines, dyes and photography
40.basis for all organic chemicals; vital element of all living things
41.most abundant element on earth; essential for respiration; ozone is a common allotrope
43.a radioactive group II element; used to treat cancer and in medical research
44.most malleable and ductile metal ; valuable metal used as base for many money systems; used in jewelry, coins, and dentistry; forms 1+ and 3+ ions

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