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Marlen P.Hernandez

1 2           3           4
9             10    
12           13                
  14   15              
  17               18            

2.a chemical bond that involves sharing a pair of electrons between atoms in a molecule
5.the basic unit of a chemical element
6.any organic molecule that is produced by a living organism
7.a substance that accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected
9.any of a class of organic compounds that are fatty acids or their derivatives and are insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents
11.a compound that does not contain carbon
12.a weak bond involving the sharing of an electron with a hydrogen atom
15.a substance produced by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction
16.a group of atoms bonded together
17.a process in which one or more substances are changed into others
18.a molecule that can be bonded to other identical molecules to form a polymer
19.a carboxylic acid consisting of a hydrocarbon chain and a terminal carboxyl group
20.any of a class of nitrogenous organic compounds that consist of large molecules composed of one or more long chains of amino acids and are an essential part of all living organisms
1.a simple organic compound containing both a carboxyl and an amino group
2.any of a large group of organic compounds occurring in foods and living tissues
3.a complex organic substance present in living cells
4.a chemical reaction that involves the loss of water from the reacting molecule
8.a carbon-containing molecule
10.a large molecule composed of repeating structural units typically connected by covalent chemical bonds
12.the chemical breakdown of a compound due to reaction with water
13.the substances that make up the chromosomes and the genes
14.a white crystalline carbohydrate used as a sweetener and preservative

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