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1 2 3 4 5
6                       7 8
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38 39         40     41        
42 43         44              
      45                   46
48   49             50                    

6.brightness or dullness of an object
10.van Gogh cut off this part of his body out of sorrow
13.in van Gogh's early paintings his brush strokes were smooth and his pallet was...
14.At 16 van Gogh began an apprenticeship as an art clerk that lasted how long?
15.van Gogh lived in this Country
17.After quitting the art business what was van Gogh's next job?
18.van Gogh painted over this many paintings in ten years
23.The surface quality or "feel" of an object
24.The comparative relationship of one part to another with respect to size, quantity, or degree; SCALE.
25.a path of a moving point through space
27.How many days did van Gogh live after shooting himself
31.Used THICK application of paint, vivid BRIGHT colors, real life subject matter and used arbitrary color
34.this type line expresses calmness
37.these are the "ingredients" for art
39.What artist inspired van Gogh's early artwork?
41.how many paintings did van Gogh sell in his lifetime?
42.The way the elements are arranged to create a feeling of stability in a work.
45.two dimensional area defined in someway
47.this type line shows strength
49.The art movement that van Gogh was a part of
51.van Gogh's only real friend besides his brother was a painter named
52.van Gogh painted these for his friend Gauguin
53.Who did van Gogh minister to?
54.The use of differences and change to increase the visual interest of the work.
1.: French meaning “in open air”
2.van Gogh's most famous painting done while in the mental hospital
3.where van Gogh shot himself
4.this type line shows movement
5.van Gogh's Father's occupation
7.this type line show excitment
8.art movement that used small yet visible lines, was concerned with light and movement more than perfect modeling of the subject
9.Dutch Artist that lived from 1853-1890
11.element of art that derives from reflective light
12.A large difference between two things to create interest and tension.
16.how long did Theo live after Vincent died?
19.these are the things the ingredients make when put together.
20.van Gogh's last painting
21.this type line makes us uneasy
22.When all the elements and principles work together to create a pleasing image.
26.the person responsible for van Gogh's artwork becoming famous
27.thought to be van Gogh's first GREAT painting
28.The distance or area between, around, above, below, or within things.
29.what was the town named that van Gogh died in
30.the lightness or darkness of an object
32.Where van Gogh was committed (mental hospital)
33.line can be measured one way therefor it is....
35.van Gogh's brother and best friend
36.three dimensional object
38.the gallery where van gogh worked and also the 3rd largest city in the Netherlands
40.How old was van Gogh when he decided he wanted to be an artist?
43.Where van Gogh lived when he was part of an artist colony with his friend
44.The focal point of an image, or when one area or thing stand out the most.
46.The disease that van Gogh suffered from
48.Repetition of a design.
50.A regular repetition of elements to produce the look and feel of movement.

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