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Drama Terms - Vocab 1

Donna Stembridge

First 15 Drama Terms

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2.classifying plays into types such as comedy, tragedy, farce, etc.
3.lines or speeches of the characters in a play
5.makes an actor appear different from normal
7.appearing before a director to try out for a production
8.main commercial theatre district of New York City
9.final line or action that signals an actor to begin the next action or speech
11.relating past emotions to those similar circumstances in a play
13.play whose humor directly involves the actions and eccentricities of the central character
1.area toward which the audience's attention is directed
2.information provided about character or play at the beginning
4.through this the audience see the action of the play
5.actors asked to return for second audition
6.person or persons, society, a force such as a flood or a storm or a giant or a conflcting tendency within protagonist
10.speech delivered directly to the audience that supposedly the other characters on-stage are unable to hear
12.all written plays, regardless of their genre or form

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