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Module 6.1

Introduction to Psychology

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1.if you learned a list of words while you were on a beach, you would want to later recall the list when you are on a ____
5.You've just met "Johnna" and mistakenly call her "Joann" - you had a faulty ___ memory
10.the intentional recall of information from LTM is _______ memory
11.the duration of __ memory is about four seconds or even less (2 Words)
12.explicit memories are of 2 types: semantic or ____ memories
14.knowing that Lincoln was the 16th president is an example of a ___ memory
15.You may not do well on a test if youstudied while taking strong cough medicine & took the test with a "clear head" because some of the info might have been ___ ___ (2 Words)
19.high school memories that are jogged at a 20 yr reunion at the high school are ____ _____ (2 Words)
22.to remember 21 letters, you might want to use ___, grouping the letters into smaller, meaningful units
23.he referred to the capacity of STM as the "Magin 7 plus or minus 2"
24.STM is also known as _______ memory
25.___ memories involve emotionally arousing events
26.the three processes of memory are encoding, storage, and _____
2.the ___ of STM is 5-9 items (for example, 5-9 letters)
3.procedural memories are more ___ than explicit
4.tapping into the semantic network sets up a rippling effect called ___ ___ (2 Words)
6.___ is the process of converting short term memories into long-term memories
7.tieing one's shoes is an example of a ___ memory
8.You may sometimes need a ___ ___ to jog your memory. (2 Words)
9.the ___ of memories can lead to distorted memories
13.repetition of a phone number while looking for your phone is an example of ____ rehearsal
16.the semantic __ model describes LTM as interlinking concepts
17.information about last Thanksgiving is easily recalled when consistent with our Thanksgiving memory ____
18.the encoding specificity principle states that cues are more successful when they are similar to those present when the info was originally _____
20.the misinformation effect reduces the reliablitity of ___ testimony
21.use ___ rehearsal, focusing on the meaning of the information, to store information in long-term memory

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