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Module 6.2

Introduction to Psychology

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3."I can't remember who I am or where I live! I must have ____ amnesia!"
7.the fact that it is easier to relearn than to learn indicates that there is a "___" according to the founder of experimental psychology
10.the ___ effect occurs because the information is still in STM
11.taking a short break within a 2 hour study period gives the memories a chance to ___________
13.__ amnesia involves a "splitting off" of disturbing memories from consciousness
15.an essay test is an example of this type of retrieval task
16.the ___ Forgetting Curve indicates the amount of loss in the first few hours
17.in our memory exercise, you probably remembered this word because it was unique (it wasn't related to sleep)
18.in ___ interference, it is the new/current information that is forgotten because the old information interfered
1.a multiple choice test is an example of this type of retrieval task
2.the ___ effect occurs because the information is now in LTM
4.this is defined as rehearsal 2 times beyond minimal competence
5.brain disease is an example of a ___ reason for amnesia
6.the serial position effect explains why we are more likely to forget the ___ of a list
7.the "s" in SQ3R refers to ____ which means to look over the chapter headings and definitions before you start reading
8.this is the more common type of amnesia - difficulty in forming new memories
9.this is also referred to as trace theory because traces laid down in the brain gradually deteriorate
10.Joe was learn facts about fish; he first learned about carp and then learned about crappie. Later he forgot what he learned about carp due to ___ interference
12.___ amnesia refers to the normal lack of memories before age 3 1/2 years
14."I know the answer...it's right on the tip of my _____!"

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