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2 3 4  
5             6  
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5.Links up the internal stuff like ROM and RAM, they look like roads on the circuit board
7.ties everything together it is where all the parts are connected to (2 Words)
8.A box that has inside several magnetic disks where all the information of your computer is stored in form of bits (2 Words)
9.Helps you read information that is in a DVD (2 Words)
12.has analog/digital connectors that can change bits into sound signals and back (2 Words)
13.Random Only Memory it holds the information that the computer needs permanently.
14.Random Access Memory It is a short term memory, for temporary information
15.Computer language that uses one’s and zero’s.
1.all the virtual files and folders, panels and buttons and stuff that lets you interact with the computer (2 Words)
2.how many million times a second it can process instructions
3.central Processor Unit It odes the work inside of your computer, like crunching numbers and telling the rest of the parts what to do
4.Another way we can name the circuit board
6.Source it connects and receives the electricity so that the computer can work (2 Words)
10.Transforms data into the pictures you see on your monitor (2 Words)
11.allows your computer to communicate with other computers sending bits back and forth

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