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Air Pollutants Crossword:

Ellie Boelema

1 2
3             4
  5     6
  7 8            
    11         12    

3.Unhealthy vapors rising from the ground or other sources. First 2 letter: Mi
8.Found in mines, can also be burned for energy.
9.Is an air polluter. An example of it is methane.
10.Volcanoes produce it.
11.A mixture of smoke and fog, that occurs when air pollution is very bad in that area.
12.Liquid, you can burn to for energy.
13.What you breath in.
1.Pollution of the atmosphere.
2.Is a odorless, colourless, non-irritating but very poisonous gas.
4.Rain containing acid, rain containing acids that form in the atmosphere when industrial gas emissions combine with water.
5.Non-toxic greenhouse gas, emitted from sources such as combustion, and respiration.
6.Emitted from high temperature combustion.
7.What surrounds the earth in a thick layer.

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