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Criminal Law Vocabulary

Marcia Bedard

Let's review the notes and vocabulary for Chapter 4! You may use your notes for this assignment.

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1.minor violation of the law, less serious than misdemeanors--spitting on the sidewalk, littering
3.written law used by the Roman Empire
5.tax laws, health codes, building codes, restrictions on polutions are examples of regulations created by governments to control activities of industry, business, and individual
6.written form of the criminal law is also known as ____________________
10.governs relationships between parties
11.an action that is a step toward the intended commission of another offense
17.the first known written law
19.a wrongful act, damage, or injury not involving a breach of contract
20.civil suits seek not punishment, but _________________, usually in the form of property or monetary damages.
21.the belief that an orderly society must be governed by rules that are applied uniformly and fairly to all its members.
22.the only crime mentioned in the US Constitution
23.means "an eye for an eye"
24."the law on the books" or written law
2.describes each crime, and specifies the appropriate penalty for each offense.
4.the law that results from judicial decisions
7.the science and study of law
8.laws written down in an organized fashion
9.relatively minor crimes, like petty theft, or simple assault
12.laws that come from custom and traditions rather than from written statutes
13.minor violation of the law that is usually handled with the individual being ticketed and released with a promise to appear in court
14."let the decision stand"
15.outlines methods for dealing with each violations of substantive laws
16.assumes tha offenses injure not just individuals, but society as a whole.
18.also known as case law

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