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CH 8. Gender, Age, and Health

Gage and Abby

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1.annual number of childern per 1,000 who die before they reach the age of one
4.threadlike bodies in each cell that determine hereditary
6.belief that one sex is by nature superior to the other
9.specific behaviors and attitudes that a society establishes for men and women
13.large number of americans born between 1946 and 1964
14.cultural, phychological, and social traits associated with a biological sex
2.group that base status and inheritance on the female's kinship descent
3.prejudice and discrimination against people because they are old
5.average number of years a person can be expected to live under current conditions
7.relationship of live births in a year to total population
8.conventional, oversimplifted, often exaggerated images
10.relationship of number of deaths in a year to the total popilation
11.belief in thw social, political, and economic equality of the sexes
12.chemical substances in the body that stimulate or inhibit chemical processes, such as growth

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