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Johanna Spyri

1 2   3      
6     7            
  11 12                   13
14                   15          
16   17                  

2.The town near the mountain Heidi lives on
7.a person made disabled from injury or sickness
8.longing for ones home when they are away from it for a period of time
12.a person who spends much time with and shares experiences with another
14.an old fashion dress used for sleeping
15.A person who lives in solitude away from civilization
17.to give support or confidence to someone
18.a channel that transports gas or smoke from a fire
19.to cause someone to feel resentful or bitter
20.harmed or imparied
1.to receive and pass on mistruths about other people
3.to fix something that is broken
4.The girl who goes to live with her grandfather and is forced to be a companion
5.a persons blood relations
6.a chair used to transport someone who cannot walk
9.a maid who cleans bedrooms or bathrooms for a job
10.inner feeling or voice that acts as a guide to wether an act is wrong or right
11.a person connected by blood or marriage
13.someone or something of fat or heavy build
16.extremely large in degree

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