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General Chemistry Exam 1

Dr. R. Szostak

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1.temperature scale where water freezes at 273 degrees.
4.hydrogen cyanide contains 3 atoms. How many sig figs are there for this number?
5.the name for the reaction of a hydrocarbon with oxygen
6.On the periodic table fluorine is an example
7.what is not in the nucleus of an atom?
12.the physical state of bromine at room temperature
14.6.02 x 10(+23) atoms equals one _____________
15.On the periodic table silicon and germanium are examples
17.shorthand way to write aqueous in a chemical reaction
20.a common example of a crystalline solid (helps to cool tea)
21.does not compress significantly
22.underlying reason for a series of related observations
23.BaCl2.6H2O is an example
2.Cl-35 and Cl-37 are _________________ of chlorine
3.sand in water is an example of this type of mixture
4.density is an example of an ___________________ property
8.an ion with a positive charge
9.sulfuric acid and nitric acid are examples
10.the name of one of the isotopes of hydrogen
11.O2 is an example of a ________________molecule
13.on the periodic table Pb, Ag, Au and Cu are examples
16.Hitting the bullseye every time is an example of ____________
17.HCl is an example
18.unit of measure for time
19.what type of gases are neon and argon?

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