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Chemistry Chapter 1 Sections 3 & 4

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2.____________ energy is th energy of electrically charged particles moving from one place to another.
5.Energy is the ability to do ____________.
8.Iron oxide (the compound rust) is made when _______ (an element) combines with oxygen (an element ) in a chemical change.
10.____________________ change is a change in which energy is taken in.
11.When solid iodine changes to a iodine gas the phyiscal change is a change in _______ .
13.When methane burns, the __________ are rearranged during the chemical change but they are not created or destroyed/lost..
14.A chemical change is another way of saying a chemical ______________ .
16.In ________________ green plants transform electromagnetic energy to chemical energy.
17.Unlike a physical change a chemical change make one or more new ________________ with new properties.
19.Every physical and chemical change in matter includes a change in _____________ .
20.There are ______ forms of energy.
21.Potential energy is changed to kinetic energy as a biker ______ down a hill.
22.A __________________ climbing up a diving board, increases her potential energy as she climbs higher.
23.The law of _________________ of mass states that no matter is created or destroyed in any CHEMICAL or PHYSICAL change.
24.____________________ energy is the internal energy stored in the chemical bonds between atoms and is a form of potential energy.
25.Gas, _____, or coal burning in a furnace are examples of combustion.
26.Some examples of phyiscal changes are bending, crushing, breaking and _______________ .
30.___________________ changes release energy. For example, combustion is a ______________ change.
31.A substance that undergoes a physical ____________ is still the same substance after the change.
32.Stretching a rubber ________ increases potential energy. The more it is stretched the farther it will fly when released (kinetic).
35.Antoine _______________, a French chemist conducted experiments that proved that no mass of matter is lost or gained in chemical change.
39.One molecule of metane combines with ______ molecules of oxygen to produce one molecule of carbon dioxide and two molecules of water.
42._______________ (a chemical reaction) is the slow combination of a substance with oxygen.
43._____________ energy is the total of all the energy of all the particles in a object.
45.When hydrogen perioxide (a compound) is poured on a cut on your skin _____________ (an element) and water (a compound) are made in a chemical reaction.
46.A ______ changing to a liquid or a liquid changing to a gas are examples of physical changes.
47.A ___________________ change is any change that alters the form or appearance of matter but does not make any substance in matter into a different substance.
1.____________________ energy is the energy of matter in motion.
2._____________ (a chemical change) is the use of electricity to break a compound into elements or simpler compounds.
3.__________________ energy includes visible light, radio waves, infrared "rays," microwaves, ultraviolet rays , and xrays.
4.Separating ______________ with filtration and distillation are examples of physical changes.
5.___________ outside air has a higher average energy of motion (temperature) than cold air.
6._________ such as natural gas, wood, candle wax, coal, and gasoline burn in air in a process called combustion.
7._________________ ( a chemical change) is the rapid combination of fuel with oxygen producing heat, light, and new substances.
9.____________________ is a measure of the AVERAGE energy of the random motion of particles of matter.
12.During a chemical reaction, chemical energy may be changed or ________________________ to other forms of energy.
15.________________ is a phyical change. Sugar is sugar whether it is in a packet or mixed in water.
18.__________________ (a chemical reaction) is the slow combination of a bright metal with sulfu or another substance, producing a dark coating on the metal.
19.In electrolysis, two metal strips called ___________________ are placed in a solution but they do not touch. New substances are made as electrons are lost and gained at these strips of metal.
24.A _____________ change produces one or more new substances.
27.(two words no space) A gas stove combines oxygen and ___________ _______ (Methane-a compound) to produce heat as well as water vapor and carbon dioxide (a compound) in a chemical reaction.)
28.Breaking down ________ into hydrogen and oxygen is an example of electrolysis.
29.___________ tarnishes so that it has a dark coating on the metal.
33.A rolling ____________ ball has kinetic motion.
34.Another name for the law of conservation of mass is the law of conservation of _________.
36._________ of an iron fence is an example of oxidation.
37.The most _________________form of energy released or absorbed is thermal energy.
38.Thermal energy always flows From Warmer TOWARDS ___________ matter.
40.______________ energy is the energy an object has because of its position.
41.Chemical changes in a _______ can give off electromagnetic radiation such as light.
44.A molecule of Methane has ___________ atoms of Hydrogen (H).

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