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2012 Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Mandy Carroll

A fun puzzle, consisting of facts and knowledge relating to the 2012 Scotties Tournament of Hearts held in Red Deer Alberta.

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5.The rough surface on a sheet of curling ice
6.The Marj Mitchell award is awarded for this
8.Number of Winning Teams on the Scotties Trophy
9.Gold sponsor who hosts the Event Office
13.The hard substance a curling rock is made of
17.Delivers the first stone
18.The only province or territory that is not represented at the Scotties
19.Team Canada's home province
21.A Jacket can close with a __________
22.She who holds the last rock in an end has this
25.Event tele-thon is named after this famous female curler
29.Last name of the 2012 Scotties Host Committee Chair
31.This host City holds the 2nd highest attendance record for a Scotties (2 Words)
1.A curling tournament
2.Event location (2 Words)
3.Pick up the pace
4.Not a professional sport, but an ____________ one.
7.Scotties Mascot - Little __________
10.First Olympics to have curling as an official event (city)
11.The famous Scotties Lounge - you gotta be there! (2 Words)
12.The multi-colored circles at each end
14.The ticket package for those full event attendees (2 Words)
15.Some Chinese food
16.Volunteer clothing worn during the event
20.This stone protects the other ones
22.The starting point that the curler crouches in at the ends of each curling rink
23.Television Broadcaster
24.Our title sponsor
26.Team Canada Skip
27.The Scotties logo consists of 4 of these
28.What last name do two formers Scotties Champions share?

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