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Young Goodman Brown

Rob Dunn

  2 3
      5 6
7     8            

4.what did YGB use to help himself get through the forest faster
7.the old man in the woods, who did he tool similar too
9.Young Goodman Browns wifes name
10.what religion is YGB
11.what color was the ribbon faith was wearing in her cap
12.what kind of devilish indians did he say could be behind every tree
1.when does YGB tell faith to go to bed so no harm will be done to her
2.what was the name of the village Young Goodman Brown lives in
3.what did YGB travel through
5.what does YGB tell her wife to say before she goes to bed
6.where was the minister taking a walk to get an appetite for breakfast
8.what did YGB father do to a indian village in king Philips war

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