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Apheresis Related

Leslie Ingram, RN, MSN

terms and definations used in apheresis

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1.abbr. for hematopoietic progenitor cells
4.abbr. for percentage of blood volume occupied by rbc's
6.help in clotting
8.low calcium
11.to separate, remove
12.abbr. for automated interface management
14.abbr. for American Society For Apheresis
15.positive is universal recipient
16.an alternate form of a gene
18.donates to self
19.a parasite
24.matches donors and recipients
26.small proteins released by cells
29.a chimeria monoclonal antibody
31.donor cells from one's twin
1.a state of decreased blood volume
2.cell mobilizer
3.liquid portion of blood
4.iron overload
5.removal of substances from a mixture by washing and decanting
7.acute lung injury occuring during or within 6 hours of blood transfusion
8.blood cell development
9.an anticoagulant
10.separates blood by density
13.prevents ice crystal formation during stem cell storage
17.ace inhibitor
20.donor cells from someone else
21.abbr. for polymorphonuclear cell collection
22.returning machine contents after apheresis
23.leukapheresis removes these
27.negative is universal donor
28.abbr. for American Association of Blood Banks
30.abbr. for mononuclear cell collection

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