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The Judicial Branch: Courts, Judges, and the Law

Julia Reade

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2.After a fixed period, usually a year, voters are asked to confirm or reject the appointment of a judge in this type of election.
4.At both the state and federal levels, the typical trial court has this type of jurisdiction
6.Courts who have the authority to review decisions made in lower courts have this type of jurisdiction
7.A written legal document drawn up by an attorney that presents the facts and points of law in a client's case.
8.A legal document stating the reasons for the judicial opinion
10.This type of tribunal tries members of enemy forces during war times.
13.Courts that specialize in certain kinds of cases have this type of jurisdiction
14.The person or party in a criminal trial who is charged with committing a crime. Or, in a civil case, the person or party being sued.
16.A brief filed by a group sympathetic to an issue presented in a court case
18.The attorneys representing the government and the people in a criminal case.
21.This unwritten rule allows a senator to block a nomination to a federal court in his or her home state.
22.Based on the belief that the Court has both the right and the obligation to use its power of judicial review to overturn bad precedents and promote socially desirable goals.
25.The opinion written by a justice once the Court as a whole decides a case.
26.An order, or writ, from the Supreme Court to a lower court to provide the records of a court case the Court has decided to review.
28.The branch of law that concerns relationships between private parties.
29.The opinion written by a justice who disagrees with the majority opinion.
1.The person or party who brings a lawsuit, or legal action, against another party in a civil case.
3.Attorneys from both sides appear before the court to present their case
5.The practice of making special efforts to admit, recruit, or hire members of disadvantaged groups
9.The opinion written by justices who side with the majority, but for different reasons.
11.Judicial nominations are blocked through a process known as this type of policy.
12.The doctrine that states that lower courts must honor the decisions made by higher courts
14.Money ordered by a jury to be paid by the party found liable to compensate for losses suffered.
15.The belief that judicial reviews should be used sparingly, especially in dealing with controversial issues.
17.The obligation in a civil legal case to prove allegations by presenting a preponderance of strong supporting evidence.
19.a list of cases
20.Temperament defined as compassion, decisiveness, open-mindedness, courtesy, patience, freedom from bias, and commitment to equal justice.
23.the branch of law that regulates the conduct of individuals, defines crimes, and provides punishments for criminal acts.
24.Trial courts, at the bottom of the hierarchy, who have the authority to hear cases for the first time, have this type of jurisdiction.
27.In a district court case, when a defendant waives the right to a jury trial, the judge decides the outcome of the case in what is know as this type of trial.

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