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Anatomy & Physiology Quest #1

Kerienne Huggins

1 2             3
5                     6 7  
10     11                
  12 13        
    15       16      
    18     19   20  
22                             23  

2.mixture of solute and solvent
5.latin for "middle space"; lies between the left and right pleura
9.breakdown of substances into simpler ones
11.atoms with the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons
14.divides structures into anterior and posterior parts
16.alkali, caustic; absorbs hydrogen ions when dissolved in water
17.bonds formed when atoms share electrons
21.basic building block of everything
22.pushes a detected change strongly in the same direction until the process is completed
24.a substance that cannot be reduced to a simpler substance by normal forces
25.a value at which the condition must be maintained for optimal health
26.any substance that is created by and ionic bond
27.cause of injury
1.atom with an electrical charge
3.the key to homeostasis; it keeps systems regulated and promotes stability
4.the number of protons in the nucleus constitutes this
6.pressure exerted by the weight of a gas or fluid pressing down on a point
7.a state of abnormal form and function
8.chemical that releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water
10.chemical that converts a stronger acid into a weaker acid
13.the paths along which electrons move
15.a solvent, lubricant, cushion, and heat sink; necessary for life
18.complaints reported by the patient
19.the body's effort to maintain internal conditions within a stable physiologic range
20.the difference in the concentration of a substance between two areas
23.basic building block of life
24.specialized proteins that facilitate chemical reactions

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