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Endangered Species


Use "SOSE 1 for Queensland" and "Jacaranda Atlas" (7th ed) to help complete this crossword.

1 2
6 7      
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  15                 16  
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3.Name the black & white mammal that feeds mainly on bamboo.
5.Which pine tree was discovered in 1994 in NSW?
9.Western swamp tortoises are found near this city.
10.This potoroo is Australia's most endangered mammal.
12.This stick insect was believed extinct until 3 were found on this island in 2001.
15.A species facing a very high risk of extinction in the medium future is this.
17.A species that no longer exists is this.
18.Over 654 dugongs have died since the introduction of these in the 1960s.
19.Global warming is a threat to this white hunter.
22.This whale migrates past the eastern coast of Australia every year.
23.Southern bluefin tuna have been severely ___________.
24.Which birdwing is the world's biggest butterfly?
1.One of the main reasons why so many species are endangered is because of the destruction of their _____.
2.The Tasmanian devil is endangered because of fatal facial _____.
4.A lesser known threat to some species is this.
6.This marine mammal suffered during the 2010/2011 floods.
7.The rabbit competes with this little marsupial for burrows.
8.Hawksbill turtles' shells are used for this.
11.The Tasmanian tiger is also known as?
13.Redwood trees are the world's __________ living things.
14.In 2004, which country was the 8th worst country for threatened mammals?
16.A species facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild in the near future is this.
20.This pigeon-like bird was hunted to extinction.
21.This bird is the symbol of New Zealand.

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