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Australia's Introduced Species


Use "SOSE 1 for Queensland" and "The Jacaranda Atlas (7th Ed)" to help you complete this.

1 2 3
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4.Most introduced species _______ with native species for habital and food.
7.Since 1788, over 1600 species have been _______ to Australia.
8.We need to find a way to __________ these introduced species.
9.Which species competes with the native Pedder galaxis in Tasmania?
10.Which insect pest was intoduced to Brisbane in 2001?
13.Up to 100 million northern Pacific sea stars can be found in this Victorian bay.
16.Some people set these, to capture the feral animals.
18.The dingoes' intoduction led to the Australian wolf becoming this.
19.These were introduced to control caterpillars.
21.Cane beetles were meant to be controlled by these amphibians.
22.Horses were introduced to provide this.
23.How many people have died from European wasp stings?
24.What is another name for wild horses?
1.Which territory has the fewest pests?
2.Name the disease introduced to eraticate rabbits.
3.Pigs were brought in supply _____.
5.Which state has the most pests?
6.It is believed that this 'native' animal was first introduced about 5 000 years ago.
11.Female cane toads can lay up to 60 000 of these in a year.
12.Cats were probably introduced into Australia before 1788, via traders' ______ .
13.These agricultural animals have become a huge feral problem.
14.Intoduced and feral species can become ____.
15.Foxes and rabbits were brought in to provide this sport for the wealthier settlers.
17.One of these has been built to keep (each) rabbits and dingoes out.
18.In many cases, we must __________ these pests for good.
20.Domestic animals that become wild are called ______.

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