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"The Egyptian Search"

Summer Peel

1 2       3
5     6         7  
    8               9
12             13           14
    16   17   18 19          
    21                         22
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          28         29
32             33
36     37   38  

1.a ram headed god
4.a lion headed goddess
5.a mixture of gold and silver
8.all the gods, collectively as a group
10.a crocodile-headed god
11.a goddess portrayed as a vulture
12.papyrus or linen soaked in plaster, shaped around a body
19.the goddess of joy, motherhood, and love
21.the Greek word meaning "flesh eater"
23.the gouble lion god, guardian of the sunrise and sunset
24.a white crown
26.literally translated it means "to answer"
28.the Underworld
31.a boat in which the gods sailed
32.a symbol of kingship
34.a lotus flower
35.symbol of authority
37.the god of the Nile, particularly the inundation
39.a mythical mountain from which the sun rose
40.a goddess of the hunt
2.a falcon headed god
3.the red crown
6."empty tomb"
7.a door craved or painted on a wall
9.an animal skin hanging from a stick
12.Egyptian sphinx, having the head of a ram
13.Egyptian sphinx, having the head of a man
14.a symbol of birth and dawn
15.Babylonian and Greek signs were introduced into Egypt in the Greco-Roman period
16.a female demon
17.pertaining to the burial of the dead
18.a name for the land of the dead
20.the Arabic word meaning "bench"
22.a god that is sometimes pictured with the head of a goose
25.the land of the dead, lies under the earth
27.a pool of water
29.a jackal headed god
30.the Greeks called this place Abydos
31.a cat headed goddess
33.a symbol of life. resembling a looped cross
35.a figure with the body of a lion, and the head of a man, hawk, or a ram
36.a goddess who protected pregnant women and infants
38.he is a creator god

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