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Stuart Gedal

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1.Building which is designed to be capable of keeping steam inside in case there is an accident at a nuclear power plant.
3."Scram" is short for this word; it refers to an emergency in a nuclear power plant control room.
4.This kind of journalism is always cheerful and meant to be entertaining rather than informative.
5.An instrument that shows water level or water pressure in the control room of a nuclear power plant is called a ______________.
7.A back-up system is supposed to keep a nuclear reactor running properly even when there is an _____________.
9.An x-ray is also called a ____________________.
12.If a reactor core gets too hot, all of the radioactive material will turn to liquid. This event is called a _________________.
14.A secure place to keep money in a bank; also a storage room for film or video.
15.Acronym for Special Weapons And Tactics team, a highly trained and heavily armed police squad that became typical in US cities in the 1970s and 1980s.
16.When a valve is not working properly in a nuclear power plant the operators may describe is as _____________.
17.At the bar, when she ran into Godell and Spindler, the bartender's wife asked Kimberley for her _________________.
18.Telling a lie on purpose to a government agency, a bank, an employer, etc.
19.A cover-up is when a public official or a responsible member of a business tries to ___________ information.
1.The location of the proposed new nuclear plant is Point ________________.
2.Large electrical wires that carry strong currents of electricity away from a nuclear power plant are called "_____________________ lines".
4.An illness; also, if a nuclear reactor core melts and goes through the bottom of the reactor there may be a "Chinese" one of these.
6.A euphemism is a polite word often used to hide a word that may mean something bad or frightening. In the movie "The China Syndrome", the euphemism that is used for "hired killers" is "_________________ men".
8.When a switch is broken or has gone off by mistake in a nuclear power plant, the operators say that the switch has ______________.
9.Middle word in the abbreviation "NRC".
10.To create more electric power you lift the _____________ rods out of the reactor core.
11.particles given off by Uranium, cesium, plutonium and other radioactive elements.
13.The profession of working with executives to plan and deliver statements to the media is called public _______________.
15.At the meeting in the California Gas and Electric headquarters, the CEO states that "A _____________________ will cost the company $492,000 per day."

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