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Political Parties

James Kraus

1 2 3
4 5                    
8       9                                
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28                   29  

5.Prime spokesperson and arbitrator for the party
6.Funds that can be used for direct electioneering regulated by the Federal Elections Commissions
8.Gradual rearrangement of party coalitions, based mostly on demographic shifts
12.The workers and activists who make up the aprt's formal organization structure
14.Citizen's personal affinty for a political party
15.Organized effort by officeholders, candidates, activists, and voters to pursue common interests
17.Acts which removed the staffing of the bureaucracy from political parties
18.Politics that focuses on specific issues rather than party, candidate, or other loyalties
21.Office holders who organize themselves under a party label
23.General decline in partisan identification and loyalty within the electorate
25.Party conceived to support Theodore Roosevelt's 1912 election
26.A party system that recruits voter loyalty with tangible incentives
27.Electoral system in which the party that recieves at least on more vote than any other party wins the election
28.Party which wanted to preserve the Jim Crow South
30.Representation according to the ercentage of the vote won by a particular political party
1.Voting for candidates of different parties for different parties for various offices in the same election
2.Early political party which supproted a federal system in which the stqates retained the balance of power
3.An era during Monroe's tenure when party politics were nearly suspended at the national level
4.Institutional collection of policy-oriented researchers and academics who are sources of policy ideas
7.Party conclave held in the presidential election year with a purpose of nominating a presidential and vice presidential ticket
9.Political party which is finacially conservative and socially liberal
10.Politics that focuses directly on the candidates, their particular issues and character rather than on party affiliation
11.Early political party which supported a strong central government
13.Selection of party candidates through the ballots of qualified voters rather than party nomination events
16.Party which is not the Republican or Democratic party
19.A statement of the general and specific philosophy and polcy goals of a political party
20.An election that signals a party realignmet through voter polarization around the new issues
22.Shifting of party coalition groupings in the electorate that remains in place for several elections
24.Group made up of interests or organizations that join forces for the purpose of electing public officials
29.Virtually unregulated money funneled through political parties under the auspices of party building

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