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Classification of Matter

G. Oakley

Vocabulary associated with classification and properties of matter in physical science (and chemistry).

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3.common name for compound sodium chloride
4.only material in density lab less dense than water (< 1)
10.anything that has mass and volume
12.mnemonic for remembering the 5 evidences of chemical change
15.heterogeneous mixture (ex: milk) that scatters a light beam
17.escape of liquid molecules from the surface below their BP
21.the building block of matter
24.change of a solid directly to a gas
25.gray solid element that sublimes to form purple/violet vapor
28.symbol for silver
31.lab method for separating a mixture of muddy water
32.symbol for mercury
33.ability to be flattened without breaking (ex: penny 'souvenir')
35.the 'make up' of matter
37.SI unit of liquid volume equal to a cm3
41.change that releases energy
42.a solution of 2 (or more) metals; ex: brass
43.unevenly distributed
45.only metal in density lab attracted to a magnet
49.synonym for 'homogeneous mixture'
52.set or unchanging
53.mass per unit volume; determines if matter sinks/floats in water
54.all matter with a definite (set) composition
55.common name for compound iron (III) oxide
56.made from 2 (or more) elements in a set ratio
57.if the density of an object is > 1 it will _?_ in water
1.type of property observed without changing substance composition
2.discovered the law of conservation of mass
3.abbreviation for an element
5.physical change often incorrectly labeled chemical (salt _?_ in water)
6.the space an object occupies
7.vibration of colloid particles seen by a microscope; _?_ motion
8.volume of a rectangular solid = (length)(???)(height)
9.symbol for iron
11.scattering of light by a colloid; the _?_ effect
13.insoluble solid product of a reaction (yellow class example)
14.SI unit of mass
16.change that absorbs energy
18.least dense metal in the density lab
19.evenly distributed
20.symbol for copper
22.the amount of matter (measured by a balance)
23.abbreviation for a compound
26.heterogeneous mixture containing large chunks
27.separates a mixture of liquids by boiling and condensing
29.smallest particle of a compound like water
30.metal pellet volume is measured in graduated cylinders by water _?_
34.type of change required to break down a compound
36.when a mixture forms, the _?_ of its components do not change
37.change of a solid to a liquid
38.made of only one kind of atom
39.compound with a MP of 0 ºC, BP of 100 ºC, and density of 1 g/cm3
40.a physical or chemical characteristic or trait
44.heterogeneous mixture that (eventually) settles out
46.symbol for sodium
47.symbol for gold
48.change of a liquid to a gas
50.the most dense liquid element
51.physical blend of 2 (or more) substances
58.symbol for potassium

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