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Tutorial 1

Mr. Shafer

Use your reading to help you with the clues. Have Fun!

  3 4
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2.Object attributes, such as size, color and weight.
5.Another name for a property of an object.
6.A computer's natural language, generally consisting of streams of numbers that instruct the computer how to perform its most elementary operations.
7.programming language, roots in C, C++ and Java, adapting the best features of each.
8.A translator program that converts assembly-language programs to machine language.
11.A popular programming language that is used to create web pages with dynamic content.
13.translator program that converts high-level-language programs into machine language
15.A communications system that allows computer users to locate and view multimedia documents (such as documents with text, graphics, animations, audios and videos).
18.The various devices that make up a computer, including the keyboard, screen, mouse, hard drive, memory, CD-ROM, DVD, printer and processing units.
19.Software components that model items in the real world.
20.A programming language, that was developed in the 70' and 80's
21.HyperText Markup Language
1.Programming language introduced by Microsoft in 1991 to make programming Windows applications easier.
3.The part of the computer's hardware that is responsible for supervising the operation of the other sections of the computer.
4.A software tool that enables you to write, run, test and debug programs quickly and conveniently.
6.The chip that makes a computer work (that is, the "brain" of the computer) .
9.The information-carrying capacity of communications lines.
10.Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
12.A worldwide computer network.
14.random-access memory
16.The grandfather of today's Internet.
17.The protocol that enables HTML files to be transmitted over the web.

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