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Famous Australians

1 2 3
4   5                     6    
  8 9          
    14     15  

4.Which Australian singer announced his 2011 Australian tour that dubbed him the "Come back King"
10.Which opera singer has a desert named after her?
11.Who is the famous singer/song writer with the hit 'Pash" in 1998?
13.Which Australian actress/singer battled Hodgkin's Lymphoma disease
16.Which Tasmanian sports star became the captain of the Australian cricket team in 2002?
17.Who is the Australian criminal turned author and commedian?
18.Which Australian actor has a degree in journalism
19.Which Australian invented the "Owen sub-machine gun"?
20.Which Indigenous Australian was named Australian of the year in 1992, in commemoration or his work with land rights?
1.Which Australian bushman and buisness man has a pair of boots named after him
2.Which Australian actress was married to Tom Cruise?
3.Which famous aviator was affectionaly known as "Smithy"
5.Which Australian actor recieved a posthumous oscar award for his role as the Joker?
6.Who's alter ego is famous for the saying "hello possums"?
7.Which famous Australian pianist was the movie "Shine" based on.
8.Which famous Australian has had 3 movies based on her romance with a Prince?
9.Who originally created "The man from snowy river" and "Waltzing Matilda"?
12.Which puppet stared in Australian's longest running childrens television series?
14.Who was one of the first recognisable Indigenous television personalities
15.Which Australian Olympian stole a flag from outside Emperor Hirohito's palace at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics?

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