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Criminal Justice Unit 1 Review

Marcia Bedard

Let's review all the vocabulary and concepts you have learned so far. Use your notes and text to help you solve this puzzle (Chapters 1-4)

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42             43  
46                           47       48                

1.criminal act and intent may cause the harm
6.traditional body of unwritten historica precedents created from everyday social customs, rules and practices
10.had to commit the act to prevent a great evil
11.federal law enacted in response to 9/11 terrorist attacks that broadened the investigative authority of law enforcement
14.act and mental state coexist
15.minor violation of criminal law sometimes described as ticketable--jaywalking, for example
17.minor law violation--usually involves ticketing and releasing the individual with a promise to appear in court
18.causes a person to be out of touch with reality
23.consists of action that is a step toward the intended commission of another offense
26.unlawful entry into a fixed structure to commit a felony or a theft.
28.seeks to protect personal freedoms within the criminal justice process
30.perspective that the system's subcomponents function to serve their own interests
33.guilty mind, intent
34.statistical program run by the FBI to study the crime rate
36.annual survey conducted by the BJS
37.helps the government regulate businesses and activities in industry
38.law that comes from judicial decisions
39.serious crime punishable by death or more than a year in prison
40.stealing an automobile
44.states you cannot be tried for the same crime twice
45.violation of criminal law
46.rights guaranteed to all US citizens by the US Constitution
48.states that to have an orderly society we must have laws that are applied uniformily and fairly to all members of society
49.less serious crime punishable by less than a year in jail
50.the study of the causes of crime
2.justification that the person reasonably believed the act was necessary to protect self from immediate danger
3.does not have the ability to understand how others feel or think
4.won a noble prize in physiology and medicine in 1904
5.taking or attempting to take property from a person using force or the threat of force
7.only crime mentioned in the Constitution
8.improper inducement by law enforcement lead to the crime
9.part of the law that specifies the methods used to enforce the law
12.premise that crime is caused by a person's free will, punishment is necessary to deter crime, and must be swift and certain to prevent crime
13.principle of fairness
16.facts that show that crime occurred
19."the law on the books"
20.if aquitted of a murder by virtue of an alibi, you cannot be tried for the murder of a second person who was killed along with the first.
21.unlawful attack by one person upon another
22.believe that in the interest of public safety, the interests of society should take precedence over individual rights
24.perspective that assumes that the system's subcomponents work together to harmoniously achieve justice
25.laws that define the nature of and punishments for wrongs committed against society
27.defense based on the premise that the defendant is truly innocent
29.the criminal act
31.at the time of the crime the person did not know right from wrong
32.known as the "father of modern criminology"
35."let the decision stand"
41.unlawful taking of property, theft
42.unlawful killing of a human being
43.unlawful sexual intercourse using force and without consent
47.damage, or wrongful civil act

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