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What's Your Underwear IQ?


Sure they're stuck to you all day long, but how much do you really know about your skivvies? Test your underwear IQ with this crossword and find out just how much you know about undies and Hanes. (Hint: if you get stuck, just click through the pages at hanes.ca to find your answer.) Good Luck!

1 2 3
5   6   7          
12               13      
  15               16    
  20 21            

4.A women's top that rhymes with parasol
5.Hanes recycles these to create fabric fibers for their EcoSmart apparel
10.Hybrid, hyphenate men's underwear
11.The main ingredient in Hanes' comfortable clothing recipe
12.Boxer-briefs for girls?
14.A woman's athletic equivalent to the jockstrap (2 Words)
15.The opposite of an underwire bra
17.A bathing suit bottom or a type of women's underwear
18.Look for this colour flag on specially-marked Hanes' apparel to support breast cancer
21.When you've got an itchy tag situation, Hanes suggests "Go ____"
22.A lawyer's homework or a type of men's underwear
23.They can be crew neck or v-neck
24.Only 10% of a bra's support comes from these
25.These types of sports bra cups banish mono-boob
1.Hanes considers it a beautiful thing
2.Retired basketball legend and Hanes' spokesperson (2 Words)
3.Underwear named after the trunks worn by these fighting athletes
6.A bathing suit, a storage unit or a type of men's underwear
7.A small story building or an underwear cut
8.It's time to throw your briefs in the "waist"basket when this wears out
9.These can be sandals but they're also underwear
10.Hanes coined this term to describe a sagging undershirt collar (2 Words)
12.Hanes made finding the right size bra easy with this online tool (2 Words)
13.A quality of a rubberband and of comfortable underwear
16.A term born in the 1940's jazz age, but also a style of underwear
19.The new Hanes Girl collection is available exclusively at this retailer
20.Another proud retailer of Hanes products
23.An army top? (2 Words)

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